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Make hiring a lot easier. With AI-powered matching and committed recruiters who help make the entire process effortless when seeking to recruit for hard-to-find candidates, Employer Connections, is a specialized staffing firm for recruiting talent from abroad when Canadians or Permanent resident applicants are hard to find. We can assist your company to find qualified temporary, contract, and permanent foreign employees.

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Why Employer Connections?

Employer Connections, is one of the leading employment agencies for foreign skilled workers serving employers throughout Canada. Employers facing severe labour shortages in a number of industry sectors can rely on Employer Connections to find well qualified candidates. Employers who adopt this strategy experience less turnover, reduced training and integraton costs and experience improved efficiency overall. We have years of experience assisting Canadian employers resolve their shortfall with qualified workers. Every province in Canada has permitted us to recruit workers for various jobs. Also, we have a wide network in all the countries globally.

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We provide hassle-free, reasonably priced services and walk our clients through the entire process of staffing solutions. Moreover, we allow our clients to concentrate on their core business instead of staffing issues. In addition to staffing, we keep clients up to date on labour market trends and provide HR strategy consulting. Our greatest strength is in locating and identifying talent. As a result, we've been able to form strategic alliances with leading industry sectors in manufacturing, food services, engineering to name a few.

We find the candidate

Our greatest strength is in locating and identifying talent.

We onboard your candidate

We provide HR consulting solution with ease.

We take the responsibility

From benefits, to tax filings and country-specific laws.


Bringing You The Best & Skilled Workforce for Your Company Needs

Processes, checks and balances, and strong leadership have all been established to safeguard our clients. Our strong expertise has made us stand out as one of Canada’s leading staffing firms specializing in foreign skilled workers whether for temporary contract staffing or direct hiring

We bring years of experience collaborating with businesses of all sizes and enterprises and various organizations to provide staffing solutions and other assistance for our client's specific needs.

Our global employment agency is committed to your success, and our greatest mission is to provide the best staffing solutions with a foreign workforce possible. Our company was founded on the principle of delivering results at little or no cost to our registered clients.

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Best Recruitment Agency in Canada to Find Talent

Our services are led and performed by skilled staffing professionals, provide efficient and productive Staffing Solutions for improving business quality, assist our clients in meeting legal and HR specifications, and promote equality and diversity.

Dedicated professions and verticals are the focus of our talent acquisition consultants, and this provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the client's and candidate's needs.

You can rely on our track record of high internal audit system scores and a thorough understanding of procedure and compliance.

Our benchmark recruiting processes and approaches for local and remote candidates ensure that highly skilled workers are delivered on time, with greater retention rates and client satisfaction.

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Our greatest strength is in locating and identifying talent. As a result, we've been able to form strategic alliances with leading energy, process, and infrastructure companies too.
Yes, we can help you find and hire the talent you need for both your on-site and remote needs. In addition to staffing, we keep clients up to date on labor market trends and provide HR strategy consulting.
We develop high-impact solutions to help businesses compete more effectively by offering highly skilled and qualified permanent employees, not only in Canada but also worldwide.
Seeking the perfect fit for companies is one of the main responsibilities of our employment agency. To fill your temporary job position, we start by reviewing resumes, selecting candidates, and conducting interviews with them.

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Do you need to fill a vacancy quickly? Do you require immediate assistance from a high-quality staffing agency? Employer Connections will locate and hire the ideal candidate for your company.


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