We live in an age that is crowned with digitalization. It is an age where we see constant transformation in skills and technology. As an employer, you always try to have the best talent. Certainly, you need a recruitment agency that can strategically assist you in finding talent and ensuring that it is the right talent right at the first time. Right from consulting firms, and SMEs to government and multinational companies, we can be one of your most reliable employment agencies.

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What Makes Us Different

We have the skills and potential to find the best foreign talent for your industry.

Get the Right Set of Talent

When you have Employer Connections as your partner, you can be confident that the candidate hired is thoroughly vetted. The expectations are correctly set, and the candidates have a good understanding of the job. We measure that they have the knowledge of the industry and perfectly fit the job responsibilities, despite the change in country norms.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

Planning to have flexible staffing solutions? Our experts can help you with the toughest challenges. You tell us the industry, and we are already experienced with it. Employer Connections’ team can also assist you with cyclical or seasonal opportunities.

Permanent Federal Skilled Worker

Do you want to drive the growth of your company by hiring qualified talent? While majoring in every industry and having built a network in all countries, you can have a pool of candidates with unparalleled skill sets that can contribute to the business culture and goals.

Our Areas of Expertise

Catering to a large variety of industries for finding the right foreign talent, here are a few of the industries that we help you within Canada:

Skilled Trades

Does your company involve delivering superior products? Does your business rely on skilled foreign people who can understand your requirements and follow the roles and responsibilities accordingly? If yes, then we can help you achieve skilled and the most qualified tradespeople.

Sales and Marketing

One of the toughest sectors for HR to pick the best candidates, our expertise lies in staffing hardworking, creative, and smart professionals who can help you drive growth in the sales and marketing areas.

Industrial Support

With sales and Marketing, the next important segment of any company is industrial support. Our global employment agency identifies the most potential candidate for the role across the entire world and assists you with your recruiting needs. Certainly, you can have an individual or a team who can work smartly even in physically demanding situations.

Human Resources

Being one of the most experienced recruitment agencies, we know the value that human resource professionals can bring. Thus, we take special care in helping you set up a team or a role that can support you with workforce needs.

Finance and Accounting

One of the most crucial segments of any company, we have exceptional experience finding the right foreign skilled workers who will cherish strategic financial planning and a balanced set of books.


Unable to match the skill sets of the candidates from your country and that of others? With our decades of experience, we can find foreign employees with technical skills, driving and innovating your business to reach new heights.

Customer Care

Certainly, customer satisfaction is the hinge that keeps any business attached to success. We specialize in finding skilled foreign workers who can not only create positive customer experiences but also have the interpersonal skills to understand your country's culture and build a loyal customer base.


The population of Canada is growing rapidly. Thus, having a high volume of professionals is the need of the hour. With the best healthcare recruitment, Employer Connections can invest in care and find foreign talent that can get employed as healthcare workers and invest in care for our seniors and people who need optimal care.

Information Technology

Information Technology is a very fast-moving sector. You will find changes here almost every day with respect to roles, responsibilities, job needs, and skill set. However, we are committed to searching for the best IT talent for our employer clients.

The Expertise

To keep our clients ahead, we apply the best employer compliance, branding, technology, and recruiting strategy to deal with every aspect of talent management and acquisition. And, our services are not only restricted to permanent staffing. We also ensure that we manage to find the best freelancers, contractors, and contingent workers. Striving to make a difference as the global leader, having us as your talent hunting partner is an advantage. You can ensure to let your workforce boost your business agility, control costs, and improve quality.

A Trusted Partner

Employer Connections is focused on sourcing elite foreign candidates who have the personality attributes, qualifications, and skills a successful employee must possess. Assisting and supporting several Canadian companies and organizations outside of the country in finding exceptional employees, you can entrust our processes to make your hiring process efficient and effective.

On-site or remote talent, on the go

Whether you need an entire team or just one person, our smart recruiting specialists can help you build an engaged and productive workforce to take your company forward. Since our company is more than just an AI-based matching technology, you get the exact foreign talent matched to Canadian workforce culture and responsibilities. So, whether on-site or remote job, you tell us, and we will use our decades of data to find the specialists for the job role.

Redefining the approach to hire the best foreign workforce for the employers. Break traditional silos and secure great talent without any demographic barriers.

While time matters, so do the results. Get in touch with our team to know more about us! And choose the best fit for your company.


Do you need to fill a vacancy quickly? Do you require immediate assistance from a high-quality staffing agency? Employer Connections will locate and hire the ideal candidate for your company.


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